Greetings from the President


Dear fellow APHRS members and colleagues,

It is with great honor and a deep sense of responsibility that I have accepted the role as President of APHRS for 2018. I would first like to thank the board and our members for placing your trust in me to carry this position through the coming year.

APHRS is now a decade old and in that short period of time has made immense progress. Under the exemplary leadership of our inagural president Prof. Masayasu Hiraoka, followed by Prof. Shih-Ann Chen, Prof. Young-Hoon Kim, Prof. Wee Siong Teo and most recent Prof. Shu Zhang, the society has evolved from a small organisation to being the major representative Heart Rhythm Society of our region.

The society has rapidly expanding membership and our annual scientific sessions have continued to grow and improve in quality year by year. In the past year, under the outstanding leadership of Prof. Ken Okumura and Prof. Kenzo Hirao, the meeting in beautiful Yokohama reached new heights. With over 6000 attendees from more than 40 countries and over 1300 abstracts presented, the meeting was acknowledged as having set a new benchmark for success. In recent years, we have introduced both regional and international named lecturers and this has allowed formal recognition of some of the luminaries in our field. The quality of work presented at the Young Investigators competition sessions also continues to improve and it was a pleasure to serve as a chairperson this last year.  

Our relationships with the North American Heart Rhythm Society and the European Heart Rhythm Association continue to develop and deepen. We are routinely holding very successful joint sessions at each of the scientific meetings. We have participated in an increasing number of joint guidelines and consensus documents which set critical standards of care and identify important new areas of investigation both in our region and around the world. We look forward to continuing to expand these relationships in ways that are mutually beneficial. We also look forward to engaging more deeply with other heart rhythm societies. Above all, these interactions strengthen old friendships and create many new ones providing a template for how to foster warm international relations.

One of the critical goals of our society is to improve the quality of Heart Rhythm care around the region in an attempt to diminish the inequalities in expertise and care. To this end we have developed several new programs. Fellowship grants are available for young investigators from less developed nations to train in leading regional centres. A country pairing program, proposed by Prof. Young-Hoon Kim is underway whereby experts from leading centres spend time in emerging countries providing lectures and performing cases.

The Journal of Arrhythmia, the official journal of APHRS has progressed rapidly under the leadership of Prof. Shih-Ann Chen as the chief editor. We encourage you to consider this journal for original work and important reviews.

There are nevertheless many challenges ahead and much work to be done. We need to continue to grow our mmbership inclusively and particularly involve more of our younger society members as we set the course for a successful future.

This year, our annual scientific sessions will return to Taipei under the leadership of Prof. Shih-Ann Chen and Prof. Tsu-Juey Wu. I have no doubt that this will be an exciting meeting and encourage all of you to attend, to present your work and to enjoy the city and its wonderful hospitality.

I wish you all a peaceful, prosperous and successful 2018.


Jonathan KALMAN
President of the APHRS (2018)

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