APHRS 2016 Seoul: The 9th APHRS Scientific Session

APHRS 2016 Seoul: The 9th APHRS Scientific Session (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

12-15 October, 2016 COEX | Seoul, Republic of Korea

Why APHRS 2016?

The Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS) has solidly positioned itself in the field of arrhythmia as a leading organization in the Asia Pacific region, and as one of the world's most influential organizations along with the HRS and the EHRA. It's the steadfast support of its members and relevant professionals that makes an annual APHRS meeting draw over 2,000 participants every year; APHRS 2016 particularly is expected to bring together more than 3,000 participants from all around the world.

Korea has been characterized by its remarkable economic growth, dynamism, as well as stunning development of high-technology medicine. Seoul, both the heart of Korea and the hub of Asia, will be the perfect place where sponsors and exhibitors can network wiith professionals from across the Asia Pacific region.

APHRS 2016 will provide an exclusive opportunity for participants to share up-to-date issues and innovative ideas that can bloom further achievement of their research, and for sponsors to make a significant contribution to advancing the area of arrhythmia by supporting those experts in their effort to take their field to a whole new level.


APHRS 2016 Abstract Book

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