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Dear Colleagues,

First, I would like to wish everyone and your family a happy and healthy New Year's for 2020 and years to come. I am very honored to be elected as the President of the Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society for 2020. To be trusted with such an esteemed appointment is afar from my intention nor my imagination when Prof. Teo asked me to help with the Membership Subcommittee over ten years ago. With the presidency, responsibilities, tasks to move APHRS forward into the next decade and to liaise with other local and international societies to achieve the vision of our APHRS were entrusted to me, I will do my best to achieve these goals.

I would not have been able to achieve, what I did, without the support of all the Past Presidents, Prof. Masayasu Hiraoka, Prof. Shih-An Chen, Prof. Young-Hoon Kim, Prof. Wee Siong Teo, Prof. Shu Zhang, Prof. Jonathan Kalman, and Prof. Chu-Pak Lau, who have always been very supportive, kind and trusted me with various assignments, along with enlightening guidance and advice, encouraging and complementing words. I am certainly looking forward to the continuation of support, advice and wise words, from all the Past Presidents during my presidency and beyond as always.

Other senior members of APHRS, have also been helpful and kind to me to mention a few but not limited to Prof. Yoshinori Kobayashi, Prof. Kazuo Matsumoto, Prof. Muhammad Munawar, Prof. Mohan Nair, Datuk Omar Razali, and many more of my friends. The 12th APHRS in Bangkok was quite successful. We had 175 international speakers, 555 Asia-Pacific speakers, 268 sessions, 27 joint sessions, 3622 attendees from 53 countries and 1197 abstracts submitted. The meeting was organized with the help of the Heart Association of Thailand, under H.M. the King Royal Patronage (HAT).

During the 12th APHRS in Bangkok, there were two first events for APHRS, one was the Young EP contest arranged by our Young EP Subcommittee. The other was the first convocation ceremony for the Fellow of APHRS, these fellows were selected by the first President of APHRS and Chair of Nomination Subcommittee, Prof. Hiraoka, recognising those with the outstanding contribution the cause of APHRS.

To achieve the goals of APHRS to promote the excellence and advancement in the study and care of the patients with cardiac rhythm disorders in the Asia-Pacific region, the founders of the society have worked tirelessly to achieve rapid developmet since 2008. APHRS is now largest cardiac electrophysiology society in the Asia-Pacific region consist of 971 members from 34 countries, with potential to grow exponentially. Our Asia-Pacific region has 60% of the world population at 4.3 billion people, 48 countries, and with diversity of the people, economy and healthcare systems, it definitely puts APHRS in a position to be very relevant to the advance of sciences and care of cardiac arrhythmia patients in the region.

However, advancements in science can be attained in the more established EP members; new discoveries and innovations, original scientific works, and clinical guidelines publications, and conduction of international studies and registries. Our member countries also help educate the exchanges, spreading knowledge during our Annual Scientific Meeting. Prof. Chen has been spear-headed to improve, our society journal, the Journal of Arrhythmia, with progressively better status. APHRS Fellowship supports the young physicians by providing training and experience in advance EP centers in the region and abroad. Collaborating with the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) and European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) is crucial to achieving this goal. Funding from our industry partners help the education process thrive steadily. In addition, Prof. Lau has initiated a seperate education funding via a private donation to help education for young physicians who need financial support to attend our Annual Scientific Meeting.

For developing areas, the implementation and increase accessibility for the patients to the available treatment modalities will greatly benefit many more cardiac arrhythmia patients in our Asia-Pacific region. Prof. Zhang has been working the APHRS White Book since its inception, highlighting the area of opportunity to improve the care of each local area. APHRS Summit takes education to the locality where the Annual Scientific Meeting is not held.

APHRS also provides practical hands-on courses throughout the year, along with other education courses and educational materials on our website. The Country Matching Program by Prof. Kim has been very successfully executed with advanced EP country to support, train and provide resources to other growing EP society. On the perspective to increase awareness of disease and treatment options, not just to physicians but directly to the public will increase the chance that we can help preventing morbidity and mortality, relieve suffering of patients with cardiac arrhythmia. Assoc Prof. Ngai-Yin Chan, Chairman of the Public Affairs Subcommittee has been working on AF awareness campaign, simultaneously in many countries, in the month of September annually, along with AF awareness mobile application in 7 Asian languanges. He initated a sudden cardiac death awareness and education on automated external defibrillator. APHRS collaborated with EHRA to work on a pilot project in Thailand on First Responder mobile application as well.

Looking forward to the year 2020, the 13th APHRS will be held in Shanghai on October 29 to November 1, 2020. With Prof. Shu Zhang and Prof. Wei Hua at the helm, this meeting is expected to be even bigger and better. The meeting will be a great opportunity for science, education and networking as always. In this digital age, I am hoping to get our APHRS members to be able to meet, contribute, educate and strongly connect together as the society is moving forward to the future.


Tachapong Ngarmukos, MD, FAPHRS
President of the APHRS (2020)

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