Greetings from the President


Hui Nam PAK

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure and honor that I extend my warmest greetings to all members of the APHRS community. As the newly appointed President of the APHRS Board, effective January 2024, I am delighted to address and share my vision for the future of our esteemed society.

First and foremost, I express my heartfelt appreciation to all the Past Presidents, Executive Board members, Committee Members, and Country Representatives for their outstanding leadership and tireless dedication in advancing the field of cardiac electrophysiology within the region. Building upon their remarkable achievements, I am committed to further elevating the APHRS's role as a global leader in promoting excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the field of heart rhythm disorders.

APHRS has a critical mission to educate our members and healthcare professionals involved in arrhythmia treatment across the region. Education remains the cornerstone of APHRS, and we are dedicated to providing our members and healthcare professionals with unparalleled educational resources even during the pandemic period or under Typhoon Saola.

As we look ahead, we must also confront the challenges presented by the diverse healthcare standards and arrhythmia practices within our region. This presents an opportunity for us to extend education to different regions and bridge the accessibility gap to treatment modalities. To ensure the sustained growth of our society, we must actively foster an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, promotes gender equality, and facilitates fruitful exchanges between scientists specializing in basic medicine and clinical practitioners. In the continuation to ensure the success of ablation and device-based therapies that require the expertise of multidisciplinary teams consisting of medical professionals from various fields, it is our responsibility to continue providing a platform where professionals from diverse disciplines can grow together by participating in our organization's activities and contributing their expertise and technological advancements.

Based on this background, I suggest the core values and specific goals of APHRS in 2024.


Specific Goals: “BEST”

B: Basic Science & Digital Health;
E: Education;
S: Standardization & Scientific Journal;
T: Transparency

I am committed to addressing these challenges and seizing the opportunities. With the support of our dedicated officers and members, I am confident that we will achieve new milestones and positively impact the lives of cardiac arrhythmia patients in the Asia-Pacific region. I would like to ask for your open opinions, sincere support, and prayers for APHRS and a Happy New Year.

Hui-Nam Pak, MD, PhD
President of the APHRS (2024)

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