APHRS Interventional EP Curriculum 2021 - Advanced EP Module

Nov 2021 E-learning

APHRS Interventional EP Curriculum 2021 - Advanced EP Module 

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Course Information (PDF)

Item  Agenda  Speaker  Mins  Format
Opening Welcome & Introduction                  Dr. Shin Ann Chen            Video
Session 1 - Anatomy and Mapping Techniques            
Lesson 1 Anatomy and Complex Arrhythmia Related Substrate Abnormality

Dr. Siew Yen Ho



Lesson 2          

High Density Mapping Techniques in Scar Related AT/AFL and VT

  • Unipolar/Bipolar/Abnormal Signals
  • Activation Mapping Beyond the Color
  • Voltage/Substrate Mapping
  • Entrainment Mapping
Dr. Balbir Singh                           30 Video
Session 2 - New Approaches and Optimized Workflows
Lesson 3 Persistent AF Ablation Approaches Dr. Yung Kuo Lin 30 Video
Lesson 4 New Strategies of Scar Related AT/AFL Post AF Dr. Cheng Hung Li 30 Video
Lesson 5

New Strategies of Scar Related VT

Dr Yenn Jiang Lin 30 Video
Lesson 6 Congenital Heart Disease Related Arrhythmia Mapping and Ablation Dr. Chieh Mao Chuang 30 Video
Lesson 7 One-stop AF Management

Dr. Hui Min Chu



Session 3 - New Technology Utilization
Lesson 8

Optimized Workflows in Complex AF Ablation

  • Fast PV Isolation and HPSD Ablation Technique - Dr.Shih Lin Chang
  • Omnipolar Mapping in AF - Dr. Li Wei Lo
  • Mapping and Ablation Approach in Persistent and Redo AF - Dr. Koichiro Kumagai

Dr. Shih Ann Chen (Host)

Dr. Chi Keong Ching (Co-Host)


Webinar 1

6 Nov (Sat),  9am SGT


Webinar Recap

Lesson 9

Optimized Workflows in Complex VT Ablation

  • Characteristics of VT Circuit - Dr. Fa Po Chung
  • ILAM Approach & Diastolic Pathway Mapping - Dr. Chuh Yu Lin
  • Intramural VT - Substrate Characterization Techniques - Dr. Masahiko Goya

Dr. Shih Ann Chen (Host)

Dr. Akihiko Nogami  (Co-Host)


Webinar 2

14 Aug (Sat), 9am SGT

Webinar Recap

Session 4 - Cardiac Imaging, Fluoro-less Approach in AF
Lesson 10 Cardiac Imaging for Substrate Analysis - ADAS Software Utilization Dr. Ivo Roca 30 Video
Lesson 11 Cardiac Imaging for Substrate Analysis - AF/AFL Ablation Dr. Kuo Ling 30 Video
Lesson 12 Fluoro-reduction with ICE and 3D Mapping in AF Dr. Ajita Kanthan 30 Video

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