APHRS Interventional EP Curriculum 2022 - AF Module (July)

July 2022 E-learning

APHRS Interventional EP Curriculum 2022 - AF Module (July)

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Course Information (PDF)

Item  Agenda  Speaker  Mins  Format
Opening Program Introduction Prof. Young-Hoon Kim Video
Session 1 - Reviewing the Basics
Lesson 1 Update on Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Guideline

Prof. Chi-Keong Ching



Lesson 2          

AAF Related Cardiac Anatomy

Prof. Nitish Badhwar 25 Video
Lesson 3 Prepare Your First AF Case: Knowledge, Skill, Facility and Team Dr. John Day 25 Video
Session 2 - Step By Step Approach To Do AF PVI - Knowledge
Lesson 4 Imaging for AF Ablation: CT & MRI, TEE&ICE, 3D Mapping System Dr. Hyoung-Seob Park 25 Video
Lesson 5 How to Perform a Safe Transseptal Puncture? Dr. Kelvin Wong 25 Video
Lesson 6

PVI Related EGMs/Signal Interpretation

Dr. Kelvin Wong 25 Video
Session 3 - Step By Step Approach To Do AF PVI - Hands-on Skill
Lesson 7 LA Geometry Creation - Step by Step Workflow Prof. Chi-Keong Ching 25 Video
Lesson 8

Transmural Lesion and Close the Gap: LSI /Impedance Drop Guided Ablation and Grid Catheter to Close the Gap

Dr. Balbir Singh                                                                                        



Session 4 - Persistent AF Management – Beyond the PVI
Lesson 9

Substrate Modification: Strategies and Success

Prof. Ming-Long Chen



Lesson 10

Posterior Wall Isolation: Tips and Tricks

Prof. Peter Kistler



Lesson 11 Non-PV Triggers: Mapping and Ablation in the Real World Dr. Shih-Lin Chang 25 Video
Session 5 - Redo AF Management
Lesson 12 AF Recurrence: Reasons and Management Dr. Li-Wei Lo 25 Video
Lesson 13 AT post-AF Ablation: Mapping and Ablation Dr. Pipin Kojodjojo 25 Video
Lesson 14 Managing AF Complications Dr. Satchana Pumprueg 25 Video
Session 6 - New Technologies and New Approaches in AF
Lesson 15 Latest Update on AF Ablation Strategies and Approaches Dr. Monica Lo 25 Video
Lesson 16 Optimized AF Workflow - Step by Step Approach Dr. Kelvin Wong 25 Video

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